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Stair Refinishing

Your stairs another interior surface in your home that experiences all the same stresses and challenges as your flooring. As such, it’s important to protect them too if you want them to last. That’s another thing that our service offers expertise in. As part of our refinishing expertise, we can also tackle the job of stair refinishing too. Refinishing your stairs can provide them vital protection, as well as ensuring that they remain looking their absolute best and don’t lose any of their design appeal as a result of daily use and the wear and tear it causes.

Stair Refinishing

Our Portland hardwood floor refinishing expertise also extends to cover stair refinishing. Your stairs, such as much as your hardwood flooring, can experience significant foot traffic and a range of other issues. This can not only lead to them losing their incredible design appeal but also wear and tear, which may even result in the need for repair or maintenance. The end result of this can be that your stairs might not last as long as you hope. Refinishing your stairs can help to protect them from such problems. This is why refinishing can be an important part of ongoing maintenance.

Maintain Design Appeal

Your stairs often make up a large part of the interior design of your home. They’re highly visible, after all. This why hardwood can be such a great option: it offers real design appeal. With all the foot traffic and other wear and tear your stairs can experience as a result every day use, however, this design appeal can begin to fade and the surface can often lose its lustre and glow. Refinishing is a great way to ensure that design appeal is fully maintained. Refinishing can help to effectively restore the amazing design appeal of hardwood.


Additional protection is one the real practical benefits that comes with refinishing your stairs. There’s a range of external issues that can ultimately lead to your stairs experiencing wear and tear, and eventually damage. Finishing can provide protection against such threats, so that your stairs last longer. In particular, finishing can help to reduce problems with pests, which can help to prevent significant problems and damage. This is because much of the wear and tear that finishing helps to remove can attract pest, especially termites. This practical protection is the reason why refinishing is a great and cost effective investment.

Cost Effective

Ultimately, refinishing your stairs is a truly cost effective measure, especially as a result of the protection that it provides. This additional protection can, as mentioned, prevent a number of different issues, which reduces the need for many kinds of maintenance, and even repair in some cases. As a result, more money stays in your pocket. Not only that, if your stairs last longer, then you also don’t need to be worried about having to spend more on replacing them as well.

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