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Portland Hardwood Floor Refinishing

No matter the space you are dealing with, whether it’s residential or commercial, we know that your general needs when it comes to flooring are always the same. You want something that’s durable, but also something that looks great. Well, this is exactly the reason why hardwood flooring the true superior flooring option. It offers both of these benefits, and so much more.

If you are looking to install new hardwood flooring in your home or business, we are the hardwood flooring contractor Portland to call. Our team also provides the best range of maintenance and careservices too.

About Us

It’s our stated aim to make sure you have just the right flooring option for your home or business. It’s not always something you think about a lot, we know, but choosing the right flooring option, whether in your home or business, is important. If your flooring doesn’t have either the durability or design appeal that you need, it can cause a number of issues. With hardwood flooring offering the a combination of durability and design that’s simply unmatched by any other flooring option, hardwood flooring is a superior choice whatever your needs are, or whatever it is your prioritize.

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    Our Services

    Whether you are looking to install new hardwood flooring to take advantage of all that it provides or need any help with long term care, we are the service that can provide what you need. We can install new hardwood flooring for both residential and commercial needs, are experts when it comes to both Portland hardwood floor repair and wood floor refinishing in Portland and even provide a professional hardwood floor cleaning service. With our ability to provide result of the highest professional standard, then there’s no better team to trust whatever work you need done.


    Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    The foot traffic and other stresses that your hardwood flooring can experience over the years can certainly leave its mark. This can leave your hardwood floors faded, and not looking their best. Our Portland hardwood floor refinishing expertise means we can help you to restore your flooring to the best possible condition. We offer the “hardwood floor refinishing near me” that can refinish your floors so they continue to look their best and are protected from a number of external threats.


    Hardwood Floor Installation

    Whatever it is that you prioritize, or whichever way look at it, hardwood flooring is the the true superior flooring option. If you are looking for a highly durable option that can survive all the foot traffic in your home or commercial space, hardwood flooring is great option. If you are looking for something with serious design appeal, then hardwood flooring is still the best option. Our Portland flooring installation expertise means we can provide quality hardwood flooring for a range of needs and interior spaces.


    Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    Professional hardwood floor cleaning is another of long term care services that our team offers. Having your hardwood flooring cleaned on an annual, or even semi-annual, basis can be really beneficial long term. This is not only because it helps to restore the glossy finish your floors once had, which helps to maintain overall design appeal, but also because it can help to protect your floors from certain kinds of wear and tear, which can help them to last longer.

    “The new floors they provided for us are remarkable. They really do provide the best results.” - Ben. H

    “If you want quality flooring that’s really designed to last they are the service to choose.” - Karen. M
    “They offer nothing but the highest quality.” - Todd. B

    Stair Refinishing

    Just like your hardwood flooring, your stairs can also experience significant foot traffic, and the wear and tear that comes with it. They can also be vulnerable to a number of other external threats, such as pests. Refinishing your stairs can offer them vital protection. It can not only help to reduce the chances of any pest problems, especially termites, but can also be an affordable way to fully restore the design appeal that your stairs once had, as it can help to remove much of the wear and tear that your stairs have experienced.

    Commercial Hardwood Flooring

    The truly unrivalled combination of design and durability that hardwood flooring offers makes it a great flooring option for a range of commercial spaces. Commercial spaces often experience a higher amount of foot traffic, so you certainly need a durable flooring option if you want it to last, and thus get you your money’s worth. Not only that, you need something that looks great so that your professional image is maintained too. Hardwood flooring provides both of these benefits. We can install hardwood flooring for a range of commercial uses and needs.

    Residential Hardwood Flooring

    Portland hardwood floors are also a great option for your home as well. Whether you are trying to give your home a modern and stylish edge or are more interested in creating a timeless charm and style, hardwood flooring has that real design appeal that you can take advantage of. Not only that, it’s overall durability means that it provides amazing long term value, as it can withstand and survive all the foot traffic and other stresses that come with any home setting.


    Contact Us Today

    Have you finally decided that the combination of design and durability that hardwood flooring offers is just too good to ignore? Then you need to call us now. We are the quality contractors who can provide hardwood flooring for a range of both residential and commercial spaces. Not only that, we are also the service that can help with all long term care and maintenance needs too. So, call us now so you can finally take advantage of what hardwood flooring has to offer.

    One of our very talented hardwood floor refinishers has moved to the Mainline Philadelphia area. He has opened a hardwood floor refinishing on the mainline and we highly recommend him!